Oh boy... my poor realtor. How did we end up here? Oh right... I want a “good deal” and apparently that means going to crazy crack shacks and potentially buying the worlds ugliest house. Alright... here we go...

We could get goats?

First house on the agenda today (well... yesterday but hangover...) is a 1,300 sqft house 16 minute drive from my place with 4 acres of land and a big detached garage yours for only $93,500.

Well.. except apparently maintenance wasn’t really in the owner’s vocabulary. The house is in rough shape, needs some major updating, needs a new roof, and is very small. Also the land is cleared, which means I’d have 4 acres of grass to maintain.


That said, the garage looks awesome, though it appears to leak from every ceiling panel, and could easily accommodate 4 cars and/ or a lift.

Neighborhood is... OK. Good but not great. 4/10.


Biggest deal breaker is there is clearly some structural problems with the dining room. Interestingly it doesn’t show up in the photos, but in real life there is some serious flood board sag.

Seller is uninterested in doing any repairs so... moving on.


“Carpet allowance with the right offer”

What can be said about house #2? Well... it looks like everyone’s grandmother’s place and smells like someone died in it.


That said, ignoring the tasteful decorating, mountains of shit, and hideous carpet the house feels... solid. Well cared for. Add that to a newer roof, over-sized garage, and new-looking shop... well...

This might be it.

The house claims to be 1,856 sqft but feels bigger with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It is sitting on 0.3 acres of land is about 10 minutes from my house.  The yard is fenced, the roof is new, and there is a sweet looking backup generator attached.


But, more importantly, GARAGE SPACE!

I don’t have any pictures of the inside of the main garage, but it is very large with room for 3 cars and an existing workbench area. Plus the garage attic is finished, adding plenty of space parts storage.


The 2nd garage, pictured above has room for at least 3 more cars and some additional work area, plus if fully insulated, so heat and/ or AC is possible.


On the downside, neither garage has the ceiling height for a lift, unfortunately. I think there are some options there, but it would require generous applications of money.

Also the neighborhood is questionable. It seems... mixed. Some good houses. Some boarded up crack shacks. Still, I’ve looked at worse. However the somewhat larger problem is that there are neighbors. This is a neighborhood, not some sanctuary in the woods. Is that OK? I don’t now...

So... we’re going to head that way in a few and see how it feels at night. If it looks good... an offer may need to happen and at $75k asking price, that leave a lot of wiggle room in the budget to make things happen.


Wish me luck.