My neverending quest to find more parking and therefore secure my place in jalop heaven has hit a snag. Or possibly a road block. Both?

Last time I posted I had just looked at a beautiful, unimproved, out-of-the-way 9 acres and was fairly well talked out of it. While totally awesome, it is too far out of the way and requires too much work to be “usable”.

Unfortunately, in the interim nothing particularly interested has come up.

I began to make progress on attempting to purchase the “crack shack,” a 10 acre lot close to the house with some “interesting” interior styling, but ultimately was shut down as an offer came through while I was working with the realtor to figure out some details. I’m not particularly butt hurt because that place was, indeed, a crack shack.


In the interest of... being impatient... I’ve expanded my search to include houses with garages and enough room to put a shop and the like on later, with mostly bad results. Most everything that meets my requirements is either falling down or in a exceptionally sketchy neighborhood.


This person and I have different priorities.

The only thing that is available that excites me is 25 minutes away, which is outside my search range. It is an unfinished metal house with a 2.5 car garage and a hanger on 2.5 acres of land. While a hanger and access to a runway is pretty awesome, I don’t have any aviation aspirations so being that far out doesn’t sound reasonable. Also I don’t think they’ll let me do drag races on the runway...


I have not yet looked into what is available if I sell my house and buy something else, mostly because I love my house and location and don’t want to move.


EDIT: Oh wow... after typing that I looked at what was available in the house + shop budget range and it was really depressing. Just no.

So here we are.

Really the point of this post is to complain about how shit is expensive, the sky is blue, grass is green, and young people use swear words.


To that end: I am really bummed out. While I knew getting what I wanted on my budget was ambitious, I don’t think I realized how ambitious. I defiantly don’t want to just buy something because I am impatient, but the lack of places to keep the fleet is getting increasingly inconvenient.