Shop Quest - Three showing, two good options

The shop quest is heating up! I got a new realtor (the one who sold me my house) and went to look at three shop candidates today. Against all odds, I now have not one, but two strong contenders, each with trade-offs. Help me Oppo! You’re my only hope!

For those of you just catching up: I am looking for a 2nd property primarily as a mechanic shop. I’ve been looking at land, shops, and houses with large garages/ lots/ shops. The latter is the easiest to finance, so that has been my latest focus. Criteria is mainly location and either fit to my needs or ability to be a good fit for my needs.

Option A - The Crack House

Not to be confused with the Crack Shack, which sold, this is a 4 bed, 2 bath, 1800 sqft property on 1 acre, 13.7 miles (16 min) from my house.



It looks like it was rode hard and put away wet. Which is to say the whole house needs to be gutted.


It comes on an unfenced, 1 acre lot. No fence is bad for privacy and pups. The 1 acre to too small to do much on, but big enough it is going to cost a lot to mow. Also a fence would not be cheap.

13.7 miles isn’t terribly far, but it isn’t close either. There are a couple decent driving roads on the way (which would increase drive time) so that is something anyway.


We didn’t get a good look around the inside because it sure did sound like someone was there, just not answering the door. We could hear a TV going in one of the back rooms and there was partially eaten food in the kitchen.

A showing is not worth getting shot over.


It has a 40x70 shop already built. It needs some work, but it exists and it is magical. 2 roll doors and 2 man doors, electrical was either not present or non-existent, which in either case isn’t a major concern for me.


The ceiling was high enough for as many lifts as I wanted. Super pumped about that possibility.

That is really the only up-side that I can think of.

Apparently is is enough.

I’m not doing a good job selling this....

Uhh in a way I like that it is a crack shack? It removes pressure to do anything with the property (like rent). However unlike option B the shop is far enough away from the house that I could rent it without losing access to anything.


Option B - The Perfect House

Not perfect for me, per say, but what I mean is this house needs nothing. This is a 2 bed, 1 bath, 1000 sqft property on 0.5 acres, 7 miles (14 min) from my house.


Pros (yes, I reversed the order)

The house literally needs nothing. Everything is new. Windows, doors, electrical, plumbing, floors, kitchen, etc etc. New new new.


It also comes with a full 1.5 car deep 2 car garage and a 1.5 car deep 2 car shop. The garage has a slop sink, workbench, and stairs to attic storage. The shop is more limited, but still large and capable. There is plenty of lot room to expand either.

The yard is fully fenced, the deck is cute, and I really can’t find any faults with it.


And yet...


The house literally needs nothing. Everything is new. This means all it can do is get worse from here. I cannot add value to this house, I can only make it worse.


Also there really isn’t (ceiling) room to put in a lift of any kind.

Renting the house would mean forgoing two of the garage spaces too. Also, unlike Option A, this doesn’t seem like the neighborhood where you can have beaters in your yard. Not that I plan to but... you know how it is.


Also this house was recently under contract and then not... so I wonder what happened there? (I have an inquiry in with my realtor)

Option C

Was terrible and had no redeeming qualities aside from location.


No further discussion needed.


Both are good and the polar opposites of each other.

Option A needs very little work to become the shop I need and a TON of work to get the house habitable.


Option B only gets me about half of what I need shop-wise, but the house needs nothing.

What do you think Oppo?

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