Well my seemingly neverending quest to find more parking has some update, but nothing of substance.

As of last writing, the Crack Shack went pending and there wasn’t much else of interest.

This is still the case, but the cool house with the hanger that was ultimately too far away also went pending, so there is that.

Trolling Zillow, two listings find themselves on my radar. So much so that I’ve requested showings on both.

The first one is actually the lead image from my last post. It is a run-down nightmare of a house, but it is close to my place and already has a shop on it.



So yeah... house would require a lot of work and my weight in bleach to get where it needs to be, but if it were structurally sound I’m not not interested. No photos of the inside of the shop, but based on the satellite view it is pretty big. 36x70?

Option 2 is about the same price, but way out in left field.

It is a house.

Just a house.

It is on a half acre lot in the center of midtown Tulsa and about the right price. Thinking here is the 2-car garage can tide me over for a bit, then there is enough access to build a shop in back and rent the house.



I mean... it needs updating but honestly it seems like a good deal. Only bummer is it is on a semi-busy street. Nothing too bad, but I would hesitate before buying for my primary home.

I plan on looking at both and buying neither.