Yup. Apparently I am just this bad at spending money. As of last writing I actually made an offer on a shop (!!!) but....

They turned it down.

Their exact words were “We won’t consider anything that doesn’t start with a ‘7'.” Yes, I did consider offering them $7,000 as a big ‘ol middle finger, but I didn’t.


I like the property, but it is $30,000 worth of land with $15,000 worth of shop and a house that is going to cost $10,000 to tear down listed for $84,000. So, in that light, a $40,000 offer was fair.

Apparently the bank feels otherwise.

EDIT: WOW! It sold!


I... would not have paid that. Like.... $50k was my max. :sigh:

So... on to the next prospects. Two, in fact.

Prospect 1 - 0.4 Acres in the heart of town

This one is my current pants tightener. Smaller lot with a shop, house, and a shed on property. It is located 6 minutes from my house. I could walk there. And it is listed for $42,000.


So what is the catch?

All of the structures need to be torn down. Is is basically an empty lot with some house shaped garbage on it. Like... look at the upper right corner there. The west wall of the house is literally falling off. It is worse now than pictured.



Also while centrally located, it is literally on an on-ramp.


Not ideal, but workable.

So... I’m not so sure about this one. Being in city limits means I’d have to build a house or get a variance. I’ve already talked to my realtor and my architect about this and we’re weighing possibilities.


My dream of a perfect shop on a perfect piece of land: dying. My dream of a shop really, really close to the house: thriving.

Prospect 2: Old Faithful

I’ve written about this property several times. It is beautiful, but far away and would be very expensive and time consuming to develop.


We went and took another look at it a couple weeks ago and even met the owner. It is still beautiful. The roads still suck. It would still be very expensive and time consuming to build on.


I would love to, but I really really can’t.

I will regret this later in life.

Prospect 3: 2 acres on the west side

West Tulsa is the butt of many jokes. I’m not going to say if they’re deserved or not, but I certainly wouldn’t want to live there. However, I might consider buying a $29,000 lot there!


The lot is located on a dead end street, sandwiched between a wash and the highway. This doesn’t bother me.


It is, however, in West Tulsa which... heh.

However, it is very close to my preferred muffler shop and my preferred alignment shop. So... heh.


This one just came up today, so I am still not sure where I stand on it. If I’m being honest with myself, with a $20,000 price cut yesterday, I don’t expect it to last the weekend. Still though.

So... what?

To be honest. I am having a really hard time keeping motivated here. I feel like I am wasting everyone’s time. I would like it if my realtor could just like... charge my by the hour or something because I have seriously given her a lot of work for like zero benefit.


Furthermore it is readily apparent that my budget is insufficient for what I am trying to do here. I have no response to this.

I want to just give it a rest, but I know if I do the perfect shop will slip by me.


Or something.