Shop Teacher’s home for abused and abandoned tiny motors

The two stroke machines up front are ready to rock. The single stage snow blower up front was garbage picked by my dad a few years ago.

Next to that is my buddy’s no title 50cc Zuma. I offered to store it for him, in exchange for having something to ride the last couple months. His garage is teeny tiny, so he jumped at it


In front of that is the ‘00 Honda Elite 80 that I bought last week for $100. It also has no title, and was last registered in ‘09.

In back is my big scooter, winterized and awaiting a new exhaust to replace the cracked one.

Also in the back, is the freaking enormous old Craftsman snow blower that I garbage picked maybe a month ago.

First priority is getting the big blower going. I still haven’t decided if I’m going to keep it or sell it. It’s freakin HUGE, and I really don’t want to store it ... but I have a hunch this winter is going to be a bad one. We’ve had two really mild winters in a row, so we’re due to get whacked by an ugly one.


In other news, the RallyMetro is ready to rock for the final event of the year. It’s going to be cold and possibly wet, but I can’t wait to hit the rallycross track! I don’t think I’m going to be able to sleep much tonight.

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