Shop update, and another potato picture.

There's no way I can find to upload multiple pictures from iOS into a post with the new editor, and it's really stupid and annoying.

After many, many hours, many plastic parts replaced in what sounds like the least-maintained two-owner car in history, and many many dollars disappeared, the 550 somehow changed from Strange New Thing into My Car. I'm still not sure what the tipping point was, and I thought I'd be really sad about it. Other than the lack of an actual cable from foot to throttle body, I can honestly say that I am not. It's now time to sell the Bugster, which has been, no question, far and away the best car ever made, as far as I'm concerned.


The text that should have been there about the Lambo: it's a 99 Diablo GT. Non-US-spec. None of the slappy VT graphics on the sides, and the only one I've ever seen with the front flare extensions.

Bit of an adjustment, driving-wise, but I'm starting to feel ok with letting a one-of-kind car go to a new home, and learning to love something very, very different, and it's turning out to be good enough that I can forgive the grey interior and the plastics that pretend to be something else.

Edit: fucked up formatting and lost text, thanks to trying to make a post on an ipad. How can you upload more pictures to a post on iOS? I could do it with the old editor, but can't find a way now. It took switching to a Windows machine to add the second photo.

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