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Shop Update: No more working under Jackstands!

Finally had some time this weekend to finalize the installation of my lift. It’s been a few months process with the concrete work that was required and an issue I had with the first batch of epoxy anchors not setting up properly. But last night I finally got a car up in the air!

The image above is at one of the lower positions with the max height being just under 4 feet to the bottom of the arms. It’s a little tight in there, but should make pretty much all future work I need to do infinitely easier.


The work space is a little bit cramped side to side, but I have clear access to the wheels and suspension on everything I put up so far. And, obviously, free access to the entire undercarriage without and stands getting in the way (no more hitting my head/arms/legs on my stands whenever I have to exert excessive force on a stuck fastener!!!)


Hopefully, this means I can get started on fixing the S2000. One of the primary reasons for installing the lift was so I could drop the motor out of the bottom rather than pull it from up top.

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