Where to start? Well let’s start with the bad stuff. The recovery operation began today with a large crane being brought in to lift the wreckage from the trees, Sussex Police stated this morning that up to 20 may have died, BBC news states that no more bodies were found after lifting the wreckage, this may he the case but there is still searching to do.

A fourth victim has been named as Maurice Abrahams, a 76 year old chauffeur whose Daimler was struck by the aircraft whilst he was on route to pick up a bridal party. I have previously released the names of other known victims here. The Pilot is in a medically induced coma and his condition is still described as critical.


In a touching tribute many members of the public including local Football teams have laid flowers and the old Tollbridge in Shoreham, as close to the site of the crash as possible, apt considering the 19th centry Tollbridge was the A27 crossing over the river up until 1972. I went down there myself to lay some flowers and pay my respects.

Many TV crews were present but the seemed to respect that people wanted to have a moment with their thoughts on the bridge. Looking north from the bridge is the newer A27 bridge with many emergency vehicles and those of people involved in the search and clean up process.


The response from the local community has been of solidarity and helping each other. The towns Facebook page has been instrumental in providing traffic reports, helping people stranded at the airshow and advising on when press conferences are taking place whilst local cab companies have been taking people to collect their vehicles from airport for free (due to not being able to get their vehicles out on saturday). Local Councillor Emma Evans has been instrumental in keeping the community informed and appears to be the only member of the council liasing with the public, she has been doing an amazing job.

With all the tragedy of the weekend and how raw it still is, I can only hope they don’t find any more victims and that the details come out soon so that the correct steps can be taken to ensure this tragedy doesn’t happen again.


Top image, Shoreham Airshow media picture 2014, others are my own.

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