Short beds - Let Me Explain

Pickup trucks are for work not for play, so a short bed pickup is stupid... one of the dumber arguments to make about pickup trucks in 2017.

Got my panties in a bunch on the recent discussion re: wrangler pickup regarding what jeep “should have” done with the bed length. This is that rant. Also applies to other trucks.


Seriously, short beds are fine, they hold plenty of stuff. Would it be cool to have a regular cab Jeep long bed? Sure! Does it make sense to build it given the take rate? Probably not.

People complain and say that a 5.5 foot bed is too small and can’t carry enough. You know what it can carry? A LOT more than any other Jeep, especially wrangler.

I guess I just don’t understand the use case for anything BUT a short bed on a wrangler pickup.

What are you going to put back there? If its something that big, and you do it often enough...should you be looking at a wrangler to start with? Buy a colorado if you want a small offroad diesel pickup. Buy a powerwagon if you NEED solid axles and double lockers. Buy a F150 if you are carting around long stuff alot or towing. A wrangler pickup is, at its heart, going to be a wrangler, which means its only going to be a so/so pickup anyway.


Is it too long? No.


Same goes for midsized trucks. Why hate on short beds? They hold a ton of gear and a family which is more than you get with anything else in its capability class...and if you don’t need to use 4x4 then you still have a lot of usable space for work in a package than isn’t cumbersome to drive around.

My experience with short bed trucks is that they hold more than enough for the family man or outdoorsman, and way more than people give them credit for.


its 2017, trucks are for people.

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