We landed in Dublin at about 5 am local time. While the Aer Lingus flight from Boston was fantastic, our bag failed to make it. We exchanged info with the very helpful CS rep, and headed to get our rental. We ended up with a manual Nissan Micra. Not a bad economy car. The transmission is a bit trash, but I drove manual Subarus for a while, so I’m accustomed to its vagueness.

Thankully it wasn’t raining, as our waterproof jackets were in our bag. It was pretty brisk, and my Fred Perry warm up jacket was not sufficient for the 2C temps. The Micra has a wonderful heater.

We decided to head down the M11 which winds along the coast and explore some of the small towns on our way to Cork. The sun was rising as we made our way south which left us with some incredible views.

Most of the towns were just waking up, so there wasn’t a whole lot to do. With Rancid playing on the radio, the views and tunes were enough to keep us occupied. This was my first time driving on the left, and some of these roads were real butt clenchers. I couldn’t believe how high some of the speed limits were, and how skillfull Irish drivers are at maneuvering these roads at speed. While these roads were a bit nerve wracking in a budget Nissan, they would be awesome on a motorcycle.


We were pretty exhausted once we reached Waterford, so we decided to settle down for a pint and some grub. We went for a short jaunt around the estate we are staying at. The area kind of reminds me of the woods around Seattle. Saw a few deer running around and a sign warning people not to mess with the badgers.


Gonna be getting some tea in a bit, then it’s whiskey time!