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Short Notice F1 GP Adventure: Day 1

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Woke up this morning with the intentions of leaving for Austin early and I found tickets at turn 4 still available. I bought them right away and left at 9:00 due to rescheduling stuff going on this weekend.


(Please excuse the double pictures at the top. Formatting on a phone is difficult...)

Stage 1: Colorado

The Colorado leg was enjoyable as ever. There were plenty of fantastic cars in Colorado Springs, like a GTR and F-Type. Time flew by and we reached the New Mexico border in no time.


Stage 2: New Mexico

Ughhhhhh. Not fun. The border is on top of a mountain pass and literally the second we crossed into New Mexico, the road quality became terrible. Add to that wind gusts at about 50 mph and that every single town was sketchy = no bueno.


Stage 3: Texas border to Burnet

I'm lumping all of Texas so far together because it all seems the same. I've noticed that there are about the same number of cows and ranches as in Colorado and Wyoming, but basically everyone is covered in dirt and are wearing boots. Kind of funny. Also, roadkill=dinner. I witnessed a truck hit and kill a dear, and the driver got out and put the carcass in the pickup bed. I do love the high speed limits. We haven't run into and speed limits higher than 75 mph yet, but it's strange to have two lane highways curving through the hills with speed limits of 75. They would have definitely been 55 in Colorado. We just got to the hotel and there's an E60 M5 in the parking lot!


Getting up at 5 tomorrow/today (4 hours from now) to get the tickets in Austin. I will wear my Grosjean shirt and go to the Lotus autograph session of course. :)

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