It’s so fucking quick. It takes what feels like 2 seconds and you’re doing 50. For overtaking you’re way faster than regular traffic.

But it does top out at 50mph so there’s that. Still, for an electric bicycle it’s pretty amazing.

The range is 75 miles, and you have 3 power modes: Slow, Eco and Power. The slow one keeps you at around 25mph whatever you do, eco is dumb and power is all out insane. You have to be careful to lean forward or it will wheelie. The suspension is supple and nice, if a bit too springy for on-road. The brakes are good but it took time to get used to braking a lot sooner than you would on a regular bicycle, because you are braking from 50mph and not 20 so it takes longer. It turns a bit slower than I’m used to, because of the extra weight. And the forks don’t allow for a neat turning circle, you really are limited in that regard. Combine that with the weight it has, and you can forget about nimble, bicycle-like weaving through traffic or between people on the sidewalk, you really need to think way more ahead.

It has a touch UI with all the info you will never need, like power stuff, how much Gs you’re pulling, all the temperatures of everything, range stuff, etc., but you never have time to look down because of how fast it is. And because the glare from the sun blocks it a lot of the time.


Just pedaling it is difficult as it’s quite heavy. You can’t just pick it up and bring it up the stairs, for example. You’d need a ground-level garage or something to charge it up. It charges up quickly, it takes 80 minutes to get to full charge. You also get a lot of the power back by re-gen braking (with the rear brake only).

None of that will be a problem for you if you have one, though. If you won one, you already have a ConceptOne and a huge mansion and a garage.


Because it’s 8 T H O U S A N D euros. Fugghetaboutit. A fun toy for the rich.