Shot in the dark: GM riveted odometer gears

So oppo,

Something I dealt with 2-3 years ago was the fact that the odometer gear in my cluster was stripped. I diagnosed the problem to a single culprit.


The single black cog above is substantially stripped at one point, and I believe is also riveted into the housing. I say I believe because I was completely unable to find the part, negating any real reason to explore further. Internet searches returned nothing, except the directions to just replace the whole unit with one from another car (which presumably has the same problems)

Does anybody know where I can get these? I will have to send my gauges to get reubilt at some point, and let them worry about this. Right now, I really don”t care. A working odometer does nothing for me. Just figured I’d ask.

I don’t have access to 3D printing, or I might try something along those lines.

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