And quite honestly, I'm inclined to agree.

No offense to the Ecoboost engines or Ford, they're nice mills with tons of torque, I like my FoST, and then when you tune them, oh mah lawd! But god damn, is it damn near impossible to get EPA averages with these cars, even driving unethusiastically/without a purpose lightly.

For the sake of science, I tried driving without boosting or in the lower rpms and granny shifting and following the shift light on my FoST with a full tank for two weeks; mostly city and some highway, but the city roads were all very long straights with very little stop-n-go.


EPA estimates are as follows for the FoST:

23/32/26 combined

I averaged 23.2, what the hell is this??

Let me get this straight, I drove like an boring fart for two weeks and couldn't even get closer than that...WOW!


Not only that, almost seems a number of the FoST owners on the forums can attest to poor MPGs as well.

This is part of the reason I'm not very inclined to believe that FI engines are truly the future for the fuel economic world. I mean, I accept it for what it is, but it only seems to serve as a gimmick to play the EPA with fake numbers on paper, and not even come close in the real world.


How do they even do MPG tests, the EPA?

ST owners, or FI engined car owners in general, what's up with this? Anyone wanna weigh in on this subject?