What am I suggesting?

"He who wears the crown, makes the rules"

Regardless of what people say...Larry Ellison was right, more people watched The America's Cup this year than in any previous year. It was also really interesting hearing about the espionage and R&D each team was trying to develop/protect.

The naysayers say the changes and associated cost limited the competition and ruined the sport. It's true, there were less competitors but there was more buzz then ever before. In F1, the costs wouldnt be an issue in the same way it was for sailing, there's way more resources available and we'd be changing just one rule or aspect of the car.


Today they just tried banning all the cool features which make cares go faster.



Wouldn't it be a lot cooler if the champion got to implement a rule change referring to the car? i.e. back to V10's, turbo 5 bangers, unlimited DRS use, Traction Control (looking @ you red bull team), etc.

Really just an idea but just think it would be very cool to alleviate Sebastian Vettel's concern about the sport "losing excitement".


What do you guys think?