Yesterday morning I went with a friend to go check out a Cressida (for him). He ended up walking away empty handed. Now I kind of want it.


- PS fluid leak, looked like it was dripping from the edge of a hose, pretty fast drip, caused the car to moan a little at full lock

- We literally couldn't find the dipstick. Nope, nowhere. The owner didn't even know (claiming he got all his oil changed at shops)....

- ... and the owner was so confusing. On one hand, he was a total airhead: not knowing where the dipstick was, not knowing the motor's displacement, other things. Just when you think he's full of shit, he mentions "autocrossing," "lot's of people like to drift Cressidas," "I've bought lots of cheap cars on Craigslist before," and other things that you wouldn't hear a clueless person say. He didn't give off any sketchy vibes but he was just so damn hard to read. Young guy.


- Owner has owned car from 100k - 156k, never has done timing belt and doesn't know if it's ever been done

- Some sort of problem with the front windows not going down

- the rubber between the front passenger shock and shock mount (bushing, right? correct me if necesary) was beginning to crack


- Cosmetically poor (not a huge concern to me)


- Everything I didn't mention as being "bad" looked good to me

- We drove it (friend drove, I rode along). All gears are fine, car pulls very well, shocks don't seem blown or anything like that. No weird noises (other than the PS of course)—sounded like a pretty healthy powerplant.


- This particular car has a factory 5-speed, 150hp inline six, 2700 lbs, and a factory LSD; aka, this is one of the most desirable + rare Cressidas you could buy in the US

- so. damn. cheap.

So yeah. I am in a very serious state of temptation right now. I'm keeping the roadster of course so I don't need to count on this Cressida getting me from point A to point B right away (like my friend would have had to, that's a big reason why he turned it down).


There's also the issue of my folks having me on a total leash and would hate me if I bought it, plus I'd need a place to keep it.

Anyway, the most helpful thing you commentariat could do is let me know how bad a hose leak of PS fluid is and how bad the crack shock bushing is.