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Should I?

I left some fairly negative (2/5) feedback for a recent transaction on Amazon. I picked the seller because they were fairly close and had a decent price on the battery I needed. Surprisingly, they had an estimated delivery amount very three weeks away. I could have gotten it from China in that amount of time. Second warning was that I didn’t get any tracking information until a week later, after I had requested it. Even then it took almost a week since there was any valid sign that the package had actually moved.

I eventually received it, and it did the job, but the delays left a bitter taste in my mouth. I received a message from the seller offering a double refund if I would retract my feedback. We’re only talking about getting $19 back. They had all sorts of reasons why the were so late on, well, everything, but I’m not really buying it. The money isn’t an issue, but questionable business practices are.


So, should I take the money and let others fall in to the same trap, or should I stand firm and let my honest assessment remain?

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