I like my car stock. As some of you know, I had a bad experience with a restoration shop, a major part of which was THEY LOST STOCK PARTS FROM MY RARE VINTAGE CAR!!!!! Whew...ok...sorry...I still have some residual issues. One by one, I have been correcting these issues. I bought a stock hood prop rod from a Celica friend on Facebook. I bought the plastic cover for the inside of the passenger mirror from my best Sunchaser parts source.

Now, I find this:.


Some guy has been dumping Celica parts that match my car on eBay over the last week, and I have found some things I have been looking for. I already bought the passenger side door latch. This one intrigues me.

When I got my car back from the restoration shop, I was given some bullshit reasons why my hood release cable had been lost and replaced with one from a ...er..gulp...<retch>...Honda. I was pissed, but it worked, and what was I going to do. Don’t get me wrong. 80s Hondas are great. But they should keep their parts to themselves, and out of my Toyota. It feels wrong every time I open the hood.

But 50 bucks? It seems like a lot for something no one but me will ever notice. Is my obsession with stock justified, or should I pass and be happy with the working (Honda) part that I have?

Have a stock cassette deck from 1981 for your time:

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