Should I Buy a 3.7l Mustang?

In my constant quest for my next car I had a thought today. “I wonder how cheap 3.7l Mustangs are getting?” Turns put they are fairly reasonable. The only manual ones I found were this 10,000 one with 87k miles and a 8,000 dollar one with 130,000.


The things I’d like out of my mixt car are

1 more fun, 2 cheaper fuel, and maintenance costs, 3 something smaller.

My 3 series is feeling very sluggish. Woth it’s AWD it’s really only fun in snow, Altho that problem will be taken care of soon enough. It also costs quite a bit to fuel, the 3.7l Mustang gets about the same fuel economy but takes regular, or even e20 if I’m feeling extra cheap. On the size side, I just don’t like big cars and to me the e90 Feels big. I’m used to 90s mid sized and compared to that it’s huge. Great family Car, but I don’t need a family car.

The real question is how is the 3.7l? Has anyone had a Mustang or f-150 with one? I sold one when they were new and it seemed like a cool enough car, sounds decent, and 300ho would make it far and away the fastest car I’ve ever owned.

It would also be the first time I’ve lived up for the F in my user name lol. Unless II count the MX6 I owned for like 4 months.

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