Should I buy a Panther?

Oppo, the time has come in my life to rid myself of a bothersome, problematic car. For reasons unknown to me, my Ford Focus wagon has been plagued with electrical and mechanical demons since the day I got it, and they have never relented. My parents and I are tired of putting money into it, and are considering selling it to be replaced with something more reliable.

As a car owner, the obvious question is what to buy. As a car enthusiast, the obvious question is what color should my RX7 be. However, an aging rotary does not fit the bill for reliability, so the happy medium between fun and sane seems to me to be a Crown Victoria/P71 Police Interceptor. They seem largely on board with this, and there are several in good condition within my budget and nearby. My question to you all, is are they a good choice? I need to transport up to 4 people, move a fair amount of gear, and want something reliable and cheap to maintain. Is the praise they are given warranted?

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Have an awesome P71 for your time.

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