Hey Oppo,

As some of you know, I am in the market for the AW11 MR2 or NA Miata.

I have been spending a few weeks looking for an Adub MR2 but it looks like they are all bought and sold and tucked away. Plus, the 1st gens have gotten to the point where they are now appreciating in value. I was too late to the party.

So now as a compromise I am looking to get the convertible big brother. They are a bit out of my price range since they are 6-7k, but a lot of sellers can’t seem to get a buyer so I see a lot of craigslist ads for these generation reposted for a month. Probably a good thing this car doesn’t appeal to kids looking for “street cred” or aggressive looks. But it ticks all of my boxes. Which are light-weight, rwd, amazing handling.

This is the car I am looking at right now. (Not the same car as above pic) I think $5000 would be a good price for this.