JKM went on about trucks for-ev-er before he actually bought one. We go unnecessary car shopping with E90M3 all the time. Let’s face it all of us are car shopping all of the time. With that said, you’ve probably seen at least one of my many “I’m gonna by a Dad car now” posts, and this is...more or less another one of those.

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My mother just rang up a 2019 GTI which our local dealer had to get from another dealer in VA. In perusing the lot my father found that they have a 2019 AllTrack in “TripperSpec” (It’s green and it has 3 pedals). My dad has heard me mention the AllTrack before, and of course he had to mention it to the sales guy...To make a long story short, I can have it for 6k off sticker.

I have not driven an AllTrack, but assuming I like it. Should I buy it?

Trade a perfectly good ranger for dog shit (I’ll guess 3 grand) for a car payment so that one of my three cars is safe for my daughter.



Don’t and wait for XYZ...

XYZ can be anything, a different car, a different time of year, time of life, fiscal climate...


Happy Humpdizzle.

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