Should I Call Them Back?

This is going to be an off topic job-related post after the jump. Have a blue Corvette z06 for your troubles.

So about a month or two ago, I got a few job offers right after I graduated and I foolishly declined them in order to wait for [redacted company]. Fast forward to last month before I left for vacation, I got a call from [redacted company] that I was put on hold and they were going to interview other people and it would take 2-5 weeks before they would get back to me. I am pretty sure that is code for “nope, we’re going with the next batch of people we interview.”


Well now I am back to job hunting and it feels/looks like all the entry-level jobs for freshly graduated students have completely dried up. I feel like I’m going crazy sitting around at home and waking up to apply for a handful of positions I VERY loosely qualify for every morning and then spending the rest of the day just looking around the internet at dSLRs, watches and cars that I want to purchase but can’t. There is only so much Game of Thrones I can watch before I feel like I am going crazy just sitting at home.

So my question is, would it be such a bad idea if I were to call back one of the companies that offered me a position and seeing (read: begging) if they would consider reopening the offer they gave me last month?

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