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Should I fix my sister’s Mustang? UPDATE: It’s fixed

My sister has this lovely 2015 Mustang V6. It’s a fun, peppy, and she likes it. The backup camera does not work. It works intermittently, and I know what the issue is (broken wires in the trunk). Two things I don’t like doing are working on other people’s cars, and working on electrical stuff in cars. This one would be easy enough, just splice in some wire and call it a day.

Despite my two things I mentioned that I do not like doing, should I go ahead and tackle this repair for her? It seems if I screw up, I’ll just have a camera that still doesn’t work and that’s about the extent of it. I will say, she’s not terribly appreciative of things getting done for her, but she’s also had a bad stretch of looking (but not too seriously) for a job after getting laid off a few months ago.


Update: I popped open the trunk and took a peek at the wiring. Hmmm, something seems amiss.

I spliced in patch wires (there are three little wires in there that are broken. Soldered, wrapped, and....voila! I also wrapped the other wires that had the sheathing nicked but was otherwise intact.


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