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I’ve spent a good deal of time with the 821, and absolutely loved it. However there are other options, if I’m willing to spend more.


First is the 821 dark, which is a non-starter as it doesn’t come in red. Especially painful as the way it’s kitted out makes me think it would be the PERFECT bike for me 😔

Next up is the base 1200. More power, adjustable suspension, single side swing arm, etc.


After that... 1200S, with Ohlins, and other stuff probably. Ohlins was enough to peak my interest.

I want to try a 1200S, but I also don’t want to like it if you catch my drift. Price difference is about $6k, which.... Now that I think about it is more than I’ve ever even spent on a car.


Talk me out of it oppo. Or give me bike reccomendations. There are a lot of dealers around here and I have a few days free

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