I’m thinking yes, because boxy RWD things should always be sideways. That said, I’ve never owned a volvo and know very little about these things. Therefore I beseech you dear oppo: Teach me to Volvo.

Backstory: I suddenly find myself in the market for a second car, preferably cheap and somewhat interesting. Reliability is a plus, but not a total requirement. After years of having an hour+ daily commute, I have a new job that’s 12 miles away. I’m getting married in a month, and I did the jalop thing and got a $700 beater jetta last year so my fiance could learn to drive stick. That car did its job and now she’s able to drive my Outback XT without issue. The Jetta finally lost its headgasket and is being sold for parts. This leaves me with room for an interesting idea...

I’ve always wanted to have a spare car that could be ultimately used for some form of motorsport. I love rally and thus I always figured I’d get another subaru or an old BMW (like my first 2 cars) eventually. That said, I love my Outback XT and it fullfills my AWD turbo subaru needs. I can’t really justify spending for a WRX as a second car just to thrash on. Any 2.5rs I can find near me is beat to oblivion. ‘80s BMWs are now well beyond “cheap fun” money. And thus enters the Volvo 240

Here’s what I’ve been thinking: find a manual 240 sedan for somewhere between $500 and $2500. I realize the manual ones are harder to find, and lots of 240s have pretty bad rust at this point. That said I’m willing to drive and/or wait a while until the right one comes up. Paint/originality/miles are not really a concern. If craigslist is an indication it seems fairly possible to meet those requirements. Does that seem like decent thinking?


I’d plan on going through and doing heavy maintinence and body work/paint and probably throwing on some lights while DDing it for a while as my wife uses the outback. Once we get more settled I’d probably get a newer second car, at which point the 240 could become a full on project. Ultimately in a few years I could see myself paying to have it caged and turned into an actual rally car.

Is this reasonable or a terrible idea? I know this isn’t a fast car, nor a sporty car, nor even really a desirable car, yet in the end I think it might be perfect. It’s a cheap RWD swedish brick, and I think there just might be an application for such a thing in my life.