Should I open a shop?

A recently reoccurring topic at home is, my mother wants to open a shop, since my driveway at home is an icy slide with a coating of hardpacked snow in the winter, and it's also way too freezing cold out to do maintenance, without me losing my fingers.

Since she was the main reason I lost my job, I'm figuring this is how she's 'making up' for it. She wants it to be a public shop so people could rent the space to fix their cars, but the last time I heard of a shop like this here was years ago, and/or she wants to partner with someone who is a licensed technician. I doubt this sort of thing works out, and insurance liability for injuries is very high, and this is not worth exploring in my opinion.


A small local shop that has changed many hands over the years is currently for sale, and the businesses that have been there no longer exist, (except for one which moved to another neighborhood)

so, what's your input?

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