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Should I start hoarding donor cars?

So, you own a car that you want to keep until you die, but it’s not a an easy car to get parts for the older it gets.

I was already worried since I own a 40+ yo Corolla and there are some bits you simply cannot find anymore. Then I read Torch’s article about his Nissan Pao’s vent window rusting and how hard it was to find a replacement and I started panicking a bit and wondering.


There are still several, cheap-ish ($1K-$3k USD) similar Corollas for sale around here. This window of opportunity will surely not last long and those cars will either fall prey to rust or be restored and significantly increase in price.

I can buy one of those and gradually take it apart if I need to. I have where to park it but it will surely not be aesthetically pleasing since it’d be in my front yard, outdoors.


Then there is the fact that I know myself and I’ll get attached to the donor car and start restoring it, effectively doubling my problems.

Do you still pull the trigger and buy a donor car or do you take your chances and figure it out as you go?

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