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Should I Try To Make This Happen?

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Sell appliance 2013 Mazda3 with little to no loss and transfer to this amazing condition 1990 Volkswagen GTI 8v? It's been up forever.


Why I'm stupid/crazy enough to do this... (A.K.A. my wants)

1) Car with "personality" (Appliance cars feel dead inside.)
2) Satisfy want to be a gearhead and actually understand how cars work.
3) Better driving experience. (I'd test drive to verify this of course.)
4) Have full rights in no more than a year to call this my car. (With the 3 it's going to take a few years.)
5) Dat box shape. (I don't care what you say. 2010-2013 Mazda3 doesn't look as good as this to me.)


But then again I'm afraid

1) Gearhead stuff proves too hard for me (and I try again and again and screw it up multiple times, but my dad wouldn't let me accept defeat I promise.)
2) Challenge of selling 3 fast enough to get this car.
3) Friends I just made 3 weeks ago having no understanding of going from new car to perceived pile of crap.

If this is a stupid idea please save me now. My innate desire is hardly controllable.

Thanks Opponauts for being a car guide. You guys really rock. Also sorry for that horrible $600 Fiero. Keep on being awesome.

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