This image belongs to the LA times.

Today as I commuted I tried to filter between an Jetta and a Nissan Murano at around 20km/h and the Nissan abruptly turn towards me, to which I pressed the brakes and the horn, she immediately retracted back into her lane, flipped me off and honked then as I ran past her she changed from the first to the last lane of the road in an abrupt motion just to eventually line up with me again and pretend I didn’t exist.

Now, whose fault is this? Its mine. Lane splitting is illegal in Mexico City, but its an un-enforced law, everyone lane splits, transit cops actually prefer bikes lane splitting because it eases congestion.

what I wonder is that with so many careless drivers, should motorcycles be given this permission? Should drivers be taught to check their mirrors often? Is it fair to filter through a line of traffic if there’s a clogged toll booth ahead?

So many questions raced my mind as the two ton SUV approached my left leg.

More edits: I think most of the commenters agree on filtering or lanesplitting at very low speeds.