A friend of a friend went to the hospital for a nasty cough. They found that he had pneumonia as well as spots on his lungs. And his liver. And his pancreas. And his brain. And a few other places. Something tells me he’s not going to last too long in this condition.

He’s undergoing treatment at the VA despite the how much the cancer has metastasized, yet still continues to smoke like a chimney. From what I’ve read, doctors that are diagnosed with incurable cancers tend to avoid treatment, knowing that it isn’t going to improve the quality of life, just prolong it.

Here’s the quandary - if you’re going to get treated, especially at taxpayer expense, shouldn’t you stop doing the main thing (smoking) that caused this whole problem in the first place? If you don’t want treatment, fine, go ahead and continue to smoke. My estranged grandmother did that, and when things got too tough for her she went out to a field with a gun and took matters into her own hand.

It just seems a little naive to get treated for lung cancer and think that the two packs a day isn’t going to affect the chances, however slim, for recovery. I don’t know - perhaps there’s a hell of a lot of denial going on, but you’d think the hospital would set down some ground rules, even in a life-and-death situation. Weird.