Yup! We’ve all seen those cars that either has more peeled off paint than original paint, or cars that are so filthy that you don’t know what color it is, and the wheels have so much brake dust on them that they don’t even need to plasti-dip their wheels to be like everyone else.

Keeping your car washed not only makes it look better (obviously) but it also extends the life of the paint and therefore will make it more valuable if you ever sell it. It’s not hard to keep your car cleaned. You can either spend a few bucks on car wash supplies, or you can spend a few bucks every few weeks and take it to one of the million automated car washes. I know there are usually two camps when it comes to not washing their cars: the first are the Eco mentalists who think they’re saving the earth by driving their Prius’s. First, they’re wrong about their Prius, my Golf TDI is the cleanest car to drive in the long run that their Prius. Natural Gas cars are in a dead heat with TDI’s too. Second, if you go to a quality car wash, you are not impacting the environment that much because they use recycled water. The other camp of people are the tight wads, and they usually skip maintaining their car along with cleaning it, so they’re kind of hopeless, even though most car washes only cost around five bucks, and Costco seems to be the most expensive at eight bucks or so. So if you can afford to drive your car in the first place, I think you can afford to wash your car at least once a month.

Now, let me explain to all those that are screaming at how horrible automatic car washes are for your car if you desire a perfect finish. I know that car washes are not ideal, but for vast majority of car owners, they don’t care about nor will they notice some swirl marks, and some washing is better than none at all. My sister washes her car at home with regular hard water, and she’s never waxed it or anything, but it’s better than nothing. I would much rather drive around seeing cars with a dull finish, then no finish at all or a finish caked with dirt, fallout, and brake dust.