Welcome to Connecticut, where driving a hybrid vehicle entitles you to privileges typically reserved for the disabled. Now this is how to fight global warming!

Isn't it called climate change now? Global warming sounds so 90's. Whatever it's called, most scientists agree that the climate is changing. What remains to be proven, however, is whether exclusive parking for hybrid drivers does anything to slow or reverse the Earth's changing climate.

I feel like this ecologically-minded state-funded effort is being made in vain. I'm betting the number of polar bears owing their lives to this parking space is currently zero, so I went ahead and parked in the spot with my non-hybrid car. So what? It's a sign, not a cop.


In order from nearest the entrance to farthest, we see the following signs:

  1. Handicapped parking
  2. Low emitting/fuel efficient vehicles
  3. Multiple occupant vehicles

According to the layout of the parking lot, no one ends up driving shorter distances as the entrance and exit are at opposite ends. This is purely for a more convenient walking distance.


Look, I get that they're trying to encourage a lesser dependence on fossil fuels. But what if it works? What if we all bought Prii? Would they take the sign down? Or are they waiting until 51% of drivers are accounted for? This is stupid.

Also, this is stupid because this is specifically for low-emitting or fuel-efficient vehicles only. Where do Tesla Model S drivers park? There is no spot for fully zero-emission vehicles.


As I left my car, I thought about the Prius Lady. Would she be waiting for me when I return? I figured if the sign includes "fuel efficient", then I can just bullshit her about my car being a modest four cylinder. C'mon, it's just like an economy car.


See? Averaging 21.2 MPG is just my way of helping to save the earth.

So is this parking sign OK? Or is this just a state-funded example of climate activist smugness?


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