Should the Viper have been Demonized?


If you ask this, you have to call into question if the Viper should have gotten a high performance variation of the Hemi from the get go. As it stands now, with the Americas brutal supercar on the way out YET AGAIN, both the Hellcat and Demon models out power the Viper with its 645 horse V10. At best with the power it has it can run with the Z06 and ZR1 Corvettes.


Its always bugged me that with the slow sales this gen of the Viper has had, that Dodge never thought to put a Hemi in the thing. That could brought a lower price point and allowed it to play in the 50-60 grand range with a base, say 475 horse Hemi or one of the 6.1 or 6.4 variants. Why did they think that giving a huge engine to older cars would make more sense than putting it in their hand built purpose built supercar? Could it be packaging or an engineering issue? Could be, but doubtful considering how large the engine bay is for the V10 and it 8.1 liters. A Demon engine in the Viper was a missed opportunity. A Hemi in the Viper period is an even bigger missed opportunity

What do you guys think though? Should the Viper have gotten the Demon engine or at the very least a Hemi engine to give it a lower price point and (possible) better sales?

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