I have this lovely ‘94 Roadmaster Estate that I acquired a few months back. The goal here is to make this the family hauler (current family hauler is a ‘94 Grand Caravan with 206k on the clock and a transmission that will probably be crapping out soon). Here’s the issue: I have 3 children who will be turning 7, 4 and 4 this month. Currently, the 7-year-old is in a booster seat with a back. The twins are still in the toddler-type seats with 5-point harnesses, but they are outgrowing them. One of them can maybe last a little bit longer, but I’d prefer to switch them all out to booster seats soon.

So the Roadmaster has a bench in the 2nd row, shoulder belts on the outside, lap belt on the inside. The rear-facing 3rd row has 2 lap belts. Ignoring the fact that I spent most of my childhood riding in the 3rd row of an 80's Caprice Estate with only a lap belt and I’m still alive, I would like to have shoulder belts on all seats if possible.

The best option I’ve been able to find is this: http://wescoperformance.stores.yahoo.net/4posebepubub.h…

Mounting should be relatively straightforward, as I’d be drilling one additional hole for each seating position (and those holes would not be going into the gas tank as I initially feared, so there’s that).

Any thoughts? Any better options? Any reason why this is a dumb idea? Thanks!