Late this morning at work, as if someone flipped a switch, my left (dominant) shoulder decided it wanted to hurt. A lot. I don’t like getting old.

I’m hoping that I either somehow slept weird on it or maybe tweaked something in all the undercoating-scraping I’ve been doing recently. Per the above diagram it’s right about where the pointer for the deltoid is hitting it, maybe a little higher.


It only hurts when I lift my elbow (think chicken dance) or rotate my arm while elevated, and it’s the motion that hurts, not the being-in-that-position. No fun. If it keeps up into Monday unchanged (or worse) I’ll have to actually do something about it.

On a positive note, I did run some errands after work and with my 1.5 functional arms finished masking the Chevelle’s firewall for primer in the morning.

Half-assed “don’t fog the freshly painted floor pans with red primer” masking is half-assed

I also received the lower-back-part-of-the-fender patches which will be the templates to rebuild the area that the fenders bolt to at the bottom of the cowl, which has returned to the earth. Those parts will later go on to repair the fenders in the same location.

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