I’m in Pagosa Springs for a week on a late honeymoon with my wife and I just have to say that I’m loving Colorado. We started by taking the train to Denver then drove our not-as-bad-as-expected Hyundai Elantra the 5 or so hours to Pagosa Springs. Other than one reeeaaally long stretch of straight road, the roads were fun and the secenery was beautiful, and I’m sure it’s even better when you get off the highway. Not only that, the roads are clear enough, and the temperature is warm enough that I’ve seen people out on motorcycles, which fills me with all sorts of emotions, mostly jealousy and sadness though because my bike will remain under cover for at least a few more months. The thing that I (naturally) enjoy the most about Colorado is the amount of clean old trucks, Jeeps, and SUV’s around. Everywhere I turn there is another old Ford/Chevy/Willys pickup/Willys station wagon/K5 Blazer/flat fender Jeep, I even saw a couple Jeep Forward Controlls! And while some might disagree, everything I see here is CLEAN! Then again, when you come from the salt belt everything is clean. I am beyond tempted to pick myself up a 60's/70's Ford, a trailer, and a Willys pickup or wagon and taking the long drive back to South Dakota. However, if I did, I’d be making the drive alone, and likely not have a garage to come back to. Getting divorced in the middle of the honeymoon probably isn’t the best idea haha.

While South Dakota will always be home, and I’ll likely never leave, consider me jealous of a few of the things you have, and keep your eyes pealed in the future for a hauler loaded down with old pickups and Jeeps, because one day ALL OF YOUR CLEAN OLD PICKUPS WILL BELONG TO ME! Muhahahahahaha.

Other general observations about Colorado.

Colorado single handily keeps Subaru in business.

1/3 of the vehicles on the road are Jeeps.

The mountains are big and very beautiful.

Speed limits apparently are what the sign says, +10.

Also, if anyone knows any cool obscure things to see near Pagosa Springs I would love to know. I don’t mind all the touristy stuff, but like to avoid it if I can, and see some of the “real” parts of the area I’m in.