Specifically, their support. These people are outstanding in every way. Last night I got an update on my Nexus 6P, normal monthly thing, but apparently it had an issue with something on my phone. Every time I would plug it in, the phone would reset. Then it would be ok, I could leave it plugged in, no problem, but plug it back in, reset. Weird. So I got on the Fi chat, and they walked me through a few steps to try something, clear cache, reset some settings, etc. It seemed ok, but there was no way to know for sure without more testing.

So the support person told me to wait a minute, and came back and said they are sending me a new phone. Likely my phone has been affected by the weird hardware issue that results in resets at random battery levels. I get the email, they are sending me a new Pixel XL 128 GB to replace my 6P, no charge. These guys have always been the pinnacle of customer service, on top of having great coverage and very reasonable pricing. We haven’t had a phone bill over $60 for two lines since we started. I very much recommend them, and their phones. If anyone is thinking of switching, let me know. I can give you a referral code to save $20 off your first month.