Shoutout to Musse

The Uber driver who showed up—hazard lights on—to take my neighbor to the airport when no Lyft drivers would come out on this frigid 6:00am morning. He’s likely going to drive the whole way at 15mph with his hazards on, but when the alternative is digging out a Volvo and driving to SeaTac myself.... I’ll take it.

My neighbor is pretty much tech illiterate so I bought her ticket and said I’d take care of transportation. I know the weather is awful—15°F, multiple layers of ice, crunchy snow, etc.—but I was still expecting there to be TONS of rideshare drivers out in the morning, braving the elements for the insane potential tips. But no. Waited 20 minutes for a driver to confirm on lyft and Uber before our knight in shining armor (white Prius) confirmed the pickup.


Following along on the map to make sure they arrive at the airport without issue. Once I see that....


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