Shoutout to My Local Watering Hole

I promise this is my last post for today. Probably for the whole weekend, as I tend to disconnect over the weekend to focus entirely on my kids. That’s what everyone says to do, “they’re only little once,” and that’s my mantra, so I really try to give them my full attention when I’m with them.

Anyway, with the craft beer bubble exploding over the past few years, it seems that a HUGE majority of beers are IPA or variations thereof. And I get it; they’re easier to make, or at least faster, and that counts for a lot in the Google era. I mean, walk into an average store and count the number of beers that call themselves pale ale IPA, or hop-something-or-other, and then count the number of beers that have “stout” or “porter” in their names. No contest, right? I do like the hoppy beers, but I also might have a slight hop allergy. I tend to sneeze violently while drinking them, but not every time.


But hey man, dark beers are good too. Especially in the colder months, it’s nice to cuddle up to a nice dense stout by the woodstove, rather than a refreshing session IPA. I’ll drink those all summer long, along with light beers with really no substance at all - because I don’t want to get drunk every Saturday afternoon. But I don’t mind sipping a beer... and I can sip a lot of Coors Light over the course of a day and not consider myself “drunk.” When we come back inside from a couple hours of playing in the snow, throw some wood in the fire and try to thaw out? I’ll take something smooth and full-bodied, dark and complex, malty and dense.

So that’s the point. After a questionable morning at work, I went to the local pub for a pint at lunch time, and the beer tap count was at LEAST 11/26 porters or stouts, with a select few outstanding IPAs still on there, and then the usual variety filling out the rest - Guinness (really it’s own animal), Blue Moon, Budweiser, a hard cider, and a Beer of The Month (brewery of the month) with a few offerings from a light ale to one of the stouts.

This is the way it should be, no? 26 beers on tap that cross the spectrum from high-alcohol, dark, malty, to hop-forward cloudy IPA or double IPA, to lagers and ales. Something for everyone. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to bars lately where they have like 10 beers on tap and 8 of them are some variation of IPA. This place gets it.

Cheers to that.

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