shoutout to Ontario oppos - have a nice long weekend

I don’t know when this holiday was introduced, but it must’ve been an election year. Governments have their problems, but I’m OK with them mandating a holiday for everyone - we just need one in March (and the break that kids get doesn’t fucking count since I don’t have kids, and if you do have kids it’s not a fucking break) and another in April (since Easter likes to fuck around and move dates for some reason that I’ve forgotten since I’m a terrible Catholic) and another in June and November (Remembrance Day is a holiday for government employees but not for private sector employees). Whichever party can increase my holiday time gets my vote since I know you’re gonna fuck up everything else anyway but at least I’ll have a holiday to look forward to every month.

Nothing like Sunday day-drinking to get things rolling. I definitely didn’t want to take another picture of my current situation but this past photo is pretty much representative of my situation right now:

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Once again, I don’t care if Kinja multiplies my photos.

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