Show me a crazy road trip you'd take

Ahh, I should’ve included Morelia....

I’d like to do a road trip like this, start in one of the most industrious cities, across the lowlands and into the Pacific Ocean for a drive on the pacific highways, and back up through the mountains and into one of the oldest city in North America to finish. give me a couple of weeks to enjoy the places I’d visit.

Of those routes I only know the 57D (To Santiago de Queretaro) and the 7D (To Valle de Bravo) D means toll road.


But look at these motherfucking views, and this is just 5 minutes with street view!:

San miguel de Allende, Western entry
Valle de Bravo to Toluca highway
Tequila to Guadalajara
Colima to Zihuatanejo

Its a real shame that Mexico is obscenely dangerous, specially parts of the lowlands and a lot of Michoacan, definitely dangerous enough for me not to even bother despite it looking like quite a cultural and enjoyable tour of the southwestern portion of my country.

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