Show Me: The best garages/race shops

MonkeyPuzzle's post about drooling over garages got me thinking, a great garage can indeed be as beautiful or impressive as a great car. So, ignore whatever cars may be in it for the moment, and show me the most impressive garages and race shops you can find.


For race shops I submit the Terrible Herbst shop above. Now I know you're going to say I picked it because it's full of trophy trucks, but really it's the scale and organization that impresses me the most. A unique bay for each vehicle, each with it's own designated set of tools (the socket wrench for truck 19 should never end up being used on truck 49). A full machine shop resides through the massive doors in the back, ensuring you can fabricate whatever you may need. The shop even has a space to hold the team's massive race hauler and 60 foot speed boat. Not bad for a "family operation."

As for garages, I like sneaky, secret places. So this car barn with the hidden center garage space is like candy to me. Seeing as the barn already has the makings of a living room upstairs (it could use a couch), a mini-bar, and a wine closet (I say closet but I've seen bedrooms smaller than that), I'd almost be ready to say "screw the house, I'll live in the garage." Just give it a bathroom and a kitchen and I'd rent a moving truck in a heartbeat. On second thought, forget the kitchen. I'll just order delivery.

Secret garage bonus points go to this place:

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