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Show me: The coolest concept/fictional air/spacecraft.

As some may remember, I've been toying with some designs for a... near-futuristic? VTOL type craft. Nothing functional, just design. I went through about a year and a half's-worth of http://conceptships.blogspot.com/ and pulled down just about anything and everything that appealed to me, in order to sort of build up a general image.

I'm not very good at creative stuff; never have been. I'm far, far better at looking at something and identifying what I like about it and why than I am at actually making something I like. That said, though, I feel like I still haven't found anything that really "clicked" for me, so let's see if the crowd has any better examples.


The composite nature means that just about anything mechanical goes. I've already isolated design cues from a Mining Truck concept.

Also, if someone would like to share this to Observation Deck, since I think they'd be more likely to have such things on hand, that would be grande grand

Lead Image: Omega Class Seeker by Bryan Flynn

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