In response to today’s news that Hyundai is making Genesis its standalone luxury marque, I’ve found myself once again thinking about all the marques out there that used to be models under their originators’ marques. One such example is this 1956 Clipper Custom Constellation.

The Packard Clipper debuted in 1941 and it denoted a particular Packard-badged model in the Packard range from 1941-42, 46-47, 53-55, and 1957. But in 1956, Studebaker-Packard, in an attempt to leave Packard free to push back upmarket, broke the mid-priced, higher-volume Clipper line off as its own separate make of car. Dealers hated it, so Packard reversed their decision for the 1957 line of Studebaker-derived cars. Not that it actually mattered by then.

I can think of at least 10 other existing models besides Genesis and Clipper that eventually became makes in their own right:

1. Avanti - Studebaker model from 1963-64. Separate make from 1965-92.

2. Continental - Lincoln model from 1940-48. Separate Make from 1956-60. Lincoln again from 1961-2002.


3. Eagle - AMC model from 1980-87. Separate make from 1988-98.

4. Hummer - AM General model from 1992-97. Separate make from 1998-2010.

5. Imperial - Chrysler model from 1927-54, 81-83, and 90-93. Separate make from 1955-75.


6. Jaguar - SS models from 1936-40. Separate make from 1945-date.

7. Jeep - Willys models from 1950-63. Separate make from 1964-date.

8. Metropolitan - Nash/Hudson models from 1954-56. Separate make from 1957-62.

9. Mini - Austin/Morris models from 1959-68. Separate make from 1969-date.

10. Rambler - Nash/Hudson model from 1950-56. Separate make from 1957-68 (it was also the original make of the company from 1902-14, before they were renamed Jeffrey, and eventually Nash took over).


Can you think of any others? What are your favorites?

It has to have been a model first and then a separate make of cars.