Eventually, the bikes will be hanging. For now, I have a 6' work bench that stores the tools and has an awkward center void. The cabinets are 50's vintage, but I forget the brand now. I picked those up from CL last spring for the princely sum of $10/cabinet. This is my general work area.

I try to keep the back wall clear for my projector. During the winter, I’ll throw up a hockey game, or I’ll project the workshop manual back there for a large reference.

I dislike things stacked on cabinets or, well, basically any other object, so the stuff my wife keeps putting on the fridge has to go. My wife also hung the trackball racquets. Until I have an “HOA approved solution” the garage cans live inside. My garage isn’t a GarageJournal showcase, but it is functional enough for me right now. I want to add more lighting, paint, and paint the cabinets, eventually. Flooring would be nice, too. I picked up a couple of RaceDeck samples, but haven’t pulled the trigger.


Let’s see yours!