Here's my RX7 FC 1988 owner's manual that I found in a RX7 put into a junkyard. Took the manual for free. This was way before I had my FC.

Well when you own a rotary, you gotta at least check these before driving (spark least each month). This is pretty cool since Mazda encourage people to check these themselves. Nowadays it's "DON'T TOUCH IT OR WE WON'T HONOR YOUR WARRANTY".

Mazda even pushed it to give you tips to get the best fuel economy. LOL.


Now that's a neat one. Really fun info, but why say it if we should not touch it? Because Racecar!

Another nice feature is the headlight that doubles as evening/morning lights.


As an audiophile, I'd love to hear the sound on these badass seats!! Only the 80/90s had badass stuff like this. :(

And the interior.


Show me your manuals and the badass stuff about them.