Show Us The Cheapest Car For Sale At Your Local Carmax

Carmax is actually becoming more of a big deal than anyone expected. Many people love the haggle free pricing and warranties. There was an article, which was posted on here, that I cannot find the link to, which explained how someone bought a used Range Rover from them and the warranty has covered all the little bugs. I also just finished reading and posting a response to HIGHMODULUS' article titled: Awesome Cars At Your Local Carmax. So, lets go the opposite way. What is the cheapest (by asking price) vehicle for sale at your local Carmax?


My local Carmax is in Ft. Myers, Florida. Being a beach town with a fairly high income, I was expecting some more expensive cars to be available in general. To my surprise, there weren't any topping $50,000. The cheapest, however, is this little beauty:

It's a 2005 Buick LaCrosse CXL with 119,000 miles for only $8,998!


This beautiful grey on grey combo looks very fitting for South Florida. The fact that the cheapest car on here is a Buick (seniors love Buicks) is both ironic and stereotypical.


Just look at this beautiful center stack featuring a radio and A/C!

So, in your area*, what is the cheapest car for sale on Carmax?

*When I entered my area and did the sort by lowest price option, the first car that showed up was from Naples, Florida, not Ft, Myers, Fl. This car, a 2008 Suzuki Reno, does not count as it is not at my local store, even if shipping is free.


The link to the Buick can be found by clicking here.

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