I decided to reorganize and inventory my trunk toolbox recently, so I thought it might be fun to compare/contrast the tools that we gearheads haul along with us wherever we go.

This box was given to me by my dad, and it was his very first toolbox which he bought with his own paper route money when he was ~13 (think early 70s). The peeling Led Zeppelin sticker is indeed from that era.

The top tray, as it was out of the car before I inventoried and organized it.


Contents under the tray.

So I took everything out, gave everything a once over, and then realized I have a LOT of tools stuffed in this little box.


Last but not least, the Grey Pneumatic Duo 1/4" socket set which rides along with the metal box:


Between the combo ratcheting wrenches, 1/4" socket stuff and the 1/2" socket stuff, I can get pretty much everything apart on any metric car (and a large percentage of SAE fittings too). Have a DMM and an assortment of different probe types (in Extech pouch), automatic wire strippers, linemans and needlenose pliers for electrical work, as well as small precision pliers and diagonal cutters for delicate electrical stuff. Mini bolt cutters, water pump pliers big and small pair, and a Pliers-Wrench to round it all off. That yellow Klein box is an ethernet cable tester, which I really should separate into my networking toolkit.

About the only thing I occasionally miss at the junk yard is a big hammer and a couple prybars, which I do bring with me if it's a planned trip.

Bear in mind these are just the tools, not spare fluids and parts I keep in the trunk.


So, share your mobile tool assortment!